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The all-new AMP Terrain Pro A/T delivers a longer tread life and withstands demanding environments. With deep, multi-function tread grooves it provides enhanced traction in a wide variety of conditions while delivering a smooth and controlled ride. A broad selection of sizing and a 60,000 mile warranty drive the Terrain Pro A/T to be the leader of the pack.



  • Advanced compound prevents chipping and delivers a longer tread life with more consistent contact surface to deliver a smooth and controlled ride.
  • Unique “twin peaks” sidewall and open shoulder design delivers assertive performance in every condition and help evacuate water, mud and snow for improved traction
  • Stepped tread blocks allow more stable control and multi-direction sipes create greater traction in snow
  • Deep grooves and rock ejectors keep tread grooves free of mud, snow, dirt and gravel while mitigating possible punctures

TERRAIN PRO A/T P (Set of 4)

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