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2020-2022 Powerstroke TorqueMaster Fuel Injector (6.7f20-100sac)


2020-2023Ford6.7L Powerstroke


Do you want more power? Well, you'll need some fuel! We're happy to be working with S&S Diesel Motorsports to offer you these Powerstroke TorqueMaster replacement injectors that range all the way up to 250% over stock. 

S&S Motorsport injectors are built to the highest possible standards of any fuel components on the market. S&S Diesel Motorsport uses custom injector testing equipment, modified in-house, to thoroughly validate every product to a level of standards that exceeds OEM capabilities. 



DDC Part Number: 6.7f20-10sac

2020-2022 Powerstroke TorqueMaster Fuel Injector (6.7f20-100sac)

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