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2019+ Cummins 4" CAT & DPF Delete Pipe w/ Muffler (FLO-893M)


Fits: 2019+ Dodge Ram w/ 6.7L Cummins

Flo-Pro Exhausts are designed to fit all wheelbase & cab configurations unless otherwise specified.

The FLO-893 4" CAT & DPF Pipe is the best option if you're running a 19+ Cummins with Air Assist as most exhausts do not fit the 19 Cummins with Air Assist. It slips in place of your CAT & DPF allowing you to remove the factory emissions components but maintain a stock appearance. Just like all of Flo-Pro's Exhaust kits, it will come with all the required clamps, pre-weld contour bent hangers, and stronger flanges to help you cruise through the installation process. Not only will this exhaust sound great, but it will also increase performance and flow while reducing EGT's!


DDC FLO-PRO Part Number: FLO-893M

2019+ Cummins 4" CAT & DPF Delete Pipe w/ Muffler (FLO-893M)

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