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2017-2023 Powerstroke Drop-In Series Fuel System (DIFSFRD1001)


Fits: 2017-2023 Ford F-Series w/ 6.7L Powerstroke

Theres lots to said when it comes to the fuel filtration system in your diesel; if this major component isn't properly functioning, it opens the door to excessive wear on your injection system; which is not a cheap fix!! By removing over 99% of the water from your diesel fuel, along with entrained air and debris down to 2 Microns, the Drop-In Series System protects your Powerstroke injection system from premature failure, optimizes MPG (results will vary), restores horsepower, and sharpens throttle response.

DDC Part Number: DIFSFRD1001

2017-2023 Powerstroke Drop-In Series Fuel System (DIFSFRD1001)

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