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2014-2019 Ram Ecodiesel DIRTY EGR Delete Kit (030-EGR-A023)


2014-2019Dodge Ram3.0L EcoDiesel

Dirty Diesel Kits are designed in house and Made in Canada

If you're looking to delete your 3.0L Ram EcoDiesel Engine the Dirty Diesel kit is what you need. It's designed to completely remove the EGR cooler on your EcoDiesel to both declutter your engine bay and eliminate dirty oxygen deprived exhaust gases going back into your intake. 


Removing the EGR on the 3.0L EcoDiesel will increase your low-end power, lower your exhaust gas temperatures (EGT), reduce black smoke emission, and eliminate the possibility of the EGR cooler failing. It's an incredibly beneficial upgrade on any EcoDiesel engine.

 DDC Part Number: 030-EGR-A023

2014-2019 Ram Ecodiesel DIRTY EGR Delete Kit (030-EGR-A023)

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