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2013-2021 EcoDiesel CCS MPVI2/MPVI3 Tune Files (CCS-Ram-Single)


The first thing you'll need to do is pull a stock file from your EcoDiesel. When you have the stock file, you'll need to send us the stock file to From there, we will write your tune based on your stock file and email you the new tune files within 24 hours.

Power Levels:

  • Stock
  • 25HP
  • 45HP
  • 65HP
  • 85HP

Optional: Exhaust Brake Addition

Transmission Tuning (TCM Tuning)

CCS has written the TCM Tuning to increase your line pressure, and he's moved the shift points slightly to take advantage of the added power, while also reworked the torque converter unlocks and lockup. The TCM (Transmission Tuning) is highly recommended to take full advantage of your added power and increase the longevity of your transmission.




2013-2021 EcoDiesel CCS MPVI2/MPVI3 Tune Files (CCS-Ram-Single)

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