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2013-2021 Cummins - CCS Tuned EZ-Lynk Auto Agent 3.0

Fits: 2013-2021 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins


Introducing The Future of Vehicle Diagnostic & Control:EZ-LYNK Auto Agent 3.0 w/ CCS Tuning Please Note: The 2018-2021 Cummins requires an extra cable to unlock the ECM on the 2018+ Trucks. You can see it here.Coopers Custom Solutions is one of the only tuning options we recommend running in your Cummins. They produce some of the cleanest, most efficient, and most reliable tuning on the market for the 6.7L Cummins Engine. Pairing their Tuning with the latest EZ-Lynk Auto Agent 3.0 is one of the best packages you can put in your RAM. The EZ-Lynk gives you the control you need when tuning your Cummins. The cloud-based tuning gives you the option of updating or reflashing your truck from anywhere. You no longer need to visit a shop or load an SD Card to flash your truck. Also, in the event of a problem, CCS can access your data logging and files remotely so if you're having issues, they can see what happened and make the necessary changes to get you back on the road. Optional Idle Sounds: Hiss or Rumble will be an available option in the cloud.



DDC Part Number: AA-10-21-RAM-CCS-LS

2013-2021 Cummins - CCS Tuned EZ-Lynk Auto Agent 3.0

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